In the last few weeks, we have seen the world getting ravaged by the deadly coronavirus, popularly referred to as the COVID-19. The new strain of the virus was discovered towards the end of 2019 in China, a country that has since suffered the biggest brunt of the killer virus.

At present, however, COVID-19 has spread far and wide at unprecedented speed, effectively reaching all the world’s continents except Antarctica. Europe is fast becoming an epicenter of what the WHO has termed as a global pandemic, with Italy, Iran and Spain recording the most significant number of cases outside China.

As the disease sweeps through the world’s populace, it is uncommon to see people wearing face masks to protect against viruses and other pollutants. The rapid spread and increased concerns about the novel coronavirus have seen face masks flown off the store shelves in many parts of the world.

But do facemasks work? Ordinary facemask or most disposable medical masks generally protect large particles from being inhaled. However, more tight-fitting masks such as the N95 respirator masks are deemed far more effective in protecting you against airborne diseases. With increasing demand, comes shortage, and the situation with face masks is no different. Now, the world is grappling with an acute shortage of masks whilethe global spread and a restriction of export by host governments keeps escalating. This may worsen the pandemic.

So you should know all about masks and use them to protect yourself:

So first things first: What’s the N95 face mask?

The N95 medical mask is a protective face mask designed to achieve a very efficient filtration of particles and tightly fit the face.
The designation of the number ’95’ means that after careful testing, the mask (respirator), prevents 95%of small particles of 0.3 microns. When fitted correctly, N95 is much more effective than the regular face mask. In other words, the N95 mask is much more thicker than the most commonly used face masks.

Part2. Why the N95 Face masks?

Unlike what people think, a face mask is meant to trap liquid from a person’s sneeze or cough, rather than just preventing entry of foreign particles into the mouth. Therefore, a properly fitted face mask can easily protect you from illness in case you come in close contact with an infected person. If you’re infected, it can prevent your disease from spreading to someone else.

Since facemasks seals-off your mouth, they’re also handy for preventing hand-to-mouth viral transmissions. However, viruses can still be transmitted through the nose or eyes; hence, surgical masks are deemed less effective than their N95 counterparts.

Part3.N95 Face Mask Vs. ordinary face masks

As aforementioned, the N95 face masks are quite different from surgical masks and mostly superior. The FBA regulates both the N95 face masks and surgical masks based on their intended purposes. According to the FDA, a surgical mask is a protective device covering the mouth and nose of a wearer to offer protection from potential contaminants in the wearer’s environment. These protectives are often referred to as face masks.

On the other hand, the N95 respirator is a protective gear designed to achieve a very close facial fit and a 95% protection against airborne particles. It is important to note that the edges of an N95 respirator are designed to create a sort of seal around the mouth and nose.

While the two face masks seem different, they still share some similarities. For instance, both masks cannot be shared or reused. Another similarity is that both types are tested for filtration efficiency, fluid resistance, flammability, and biocompatibility before they get sold.


Part4. Where to find the N95 medical face masks

China is the largest producer of most types of face masks we have around today, with a reported production capacity of 20 million pieces a day. However, the country’s domestic demand outstrips supply at 50 million pieces a day. Even with tens of millions of pieces produced every day, getting where to Wholesale N95 masks online is becoming increasingly difficult.

In some other cases, available N95 masks get dramatically overpriced to a tune of 1000 USD, as in the case of Amazon and eBay. This is where your shrewdness comes into play. If you’re located in the USA or Europe and looking to source face masks, there’s no better place than placing orders on the most significant players in the world- Chinese manufacturers.

Currently, China is undoubtedly consuming millions of facemasks. Still, there’s always almost something left for the oversee client, and prices always promise an excellent payday for those looking to buy for resale. A simple google search for top companies manufacturing face masks will return almost enough results to cater for all your needs. Once you have completed your due diligence and the purchase process, you can proceed to choose a logistics solution and a means by which you want your goods to be brought. According to numerous reviews and customer feedback, a popular logistics Provider-China Freight – appears generally trusted to take on the process right from its onset to ensure you wholesale facemasks from china in the easiest way possible. So who will you pick for the job? Your choice!


Part5.  General N95 Respirator Precautions

It is important to note that N95 masks may not be advisable for people with cardiac or respiratory-related medical conditions. If you fall into this category, be sure to ask for guidance from your healthcare provider. If you find it difficult to breathe, you can use alternative models with breathings valves. This way, you’ll breathe more easily and tame heat buildup. N95 masks with lids are not recommended for use in cases where sterile conditions are required.

All FDA-cleared N95 face masks are designed for single use. This means that once your device gets soiled or damaged, you’re obliged to dispose of it well and swap it with a new one. The N95 can be safely discarded in a plastic bag and put in the trash. Never forget to wash your hand after handling a pre-owned respirator.

Finally, the N95 facemasks are not intended for children and people with facial hair. This is since a respirator cannot be well fitted on children and people with facial hair.

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