Shipping or Importing from Taiwan to USA encompasses a range of factors like location, the size of cargo, mode of transportation (air, land or sea), and so forth. To make this guide easier to comprehend, we have divided it into an 8-part section:

Part 1: How to find a trustworthy freight forwarder?

Why you’ll need a freight forwarder & what they can do for you?

To begin with, we need to understand what a freight forwarder is. Well, a freight forwarder, or a cargo agent or a forwarding agent is a person who is experienced in international trade and transportation whose primary role is to coordinate and ensure cargo is shipped to their rightful destination by sea, air or land.

If you can’t find a reliable shipping partner and decide to ship goods by yourself, a freight forwarder will come in handy because they can help you find the best shipping solutions when shipping from Taiwan to the USA. Also, if you are accustomed to the processes involved in shipping, you still need the services of a freight forwarder to help you navigate through the intricate details required.

Freight forwarding services enable you to find a fitting mode of transportation at reasonable prices. This is to say that if you’re looking to save time and money when shipping from Taiwan to USA, you’ll need to utilize the services of a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from Taiwan to USA. A freight forwarder will ensure that your shipment arrives on time and unscathed. Freight forwarders are considered a very crucial part of the international shipping process, particularly due to their in-depth knowledge and experience in all kinds of shipping processes.

Freight forwarders can be individuals or companies who have specialized in providing warehousing spaces and shipping goods on behalf of their clients.

Their services include:
1. Preparation of shipping and export-related documentation
2. Tracking of inland transportation processes
3. Booking cargo spaces
4. Providing storage services
5. Negotiating freight chargers with shipping lines
6. Freight consolidation
7. Providing cargo insurance
8. Filing insurance claims
9. Customs clearance

Without a doubt, freight forwarders play a crucial role in international transportation. They keep customers posted about essential aspects of the supply chain and often ship using their own lading bills which include details about the number of goods, their condition as well as destination. Freight forwarders will also provide services such as cargo consolidation, cargo collection, and delivery of shipping documentation to the destination of the cargo.

When transporting goods, finding a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from Taiwan to USA can make the whole process faster and less stressful.
This means that if you’re looking to save on both time and money when shipping from Taiwan to USA using air, sea, or land, a freight forwarder in indispensable. A freight forwarder can also handle your customs documentation, insurance, warehousing, lading bills, and payment methods.


Should you choose a freight forwarder from Taiwan or USA?

Irrespective of your preferred transportation option for shipping from Taiwan to USA, you are better off with a Chinese freight forwarder since they have a solid understanding of routes in Taiwan as well as the language advantage. This makes them the best strategic partner to use.

A China-based agent will have several sets of abilities that make them a better choice. When it comes to the Taiwanese language and culture, China-based agents will generally be conversant. Besides, these freight forwarders almost always have extensive experience in managing Taiwanese suppliers, experience in quality control, and sourcing processes, logistical experience as well as auditing experience.

While shipping, you may realize that you will need a warehouse based in Taiwan for the temporary storage of your goods. If you pick a local freight forwarder, say one who is located in the US, they will most likely have to engage another party in Taiwan to help them out with picking, preparation, customs clearance, and storage. The unfortunate part of it is that this comes with an added cost that will be added in the end and passed on to you.


How reliable is a freight forwarder?

Identifying a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from Taiwan to USA can be a daunting task. When trusting a freight forwarder with your shipping needs from Taiwan to USA, your money, time, and the success of the overall process depend on their ability to navigate through the complex system. But how can you ascertain that a freight forwarder can handle the job as needed?
Here is a couple of questions you’ll need to ask.

1. Does the freight forwarder you’re looking to engage hold a valid business license from the Taiwanese government? A questionable business license can be a red flag

2. Does a freight forwarder have a business website? If yes, how does it rank on Google? Poor ranking can be a red flag. Does the site have relevant information about their services and costs? Also look out for customer feedback and testimonials. If that is missing, something somewhere could be wrong.

3. How does the company’s insurance plan look like? It is imperative to vet a freight forwarder based on their insurance policy because you want a freight forwarder who can compensate you adequately in case some damage occurs to your goods.

4. Does the freight forwarder have a modern cargo tracking system to keep you updated about the status of your shipment? A freight forwarder with a sound tracking system is indispensable for knowing the progress of your shipment throughout the process. This way, it can be easy to estimate the arrival time of the cargo

5. Ask a freight forwarder to provide some of their most recent shipping records or bills of lading. A bill of lading will typically have all the details about the amount, type, condition, and destination of goods.

6. How did a freight forwarder respond during your conversation? Were they prompt in their replies? How professional were they?

If you are convinced that they can handle the task but still have some doubts, you can start by allowing them to ship a small portion of your goods. If it goes well, you can scale up with time. If something fails, you will have reduced the overall losses according to the portion of goods assigned to them.


Part 2: Delivery types


Port-to-port (PTP) Delivery

If you’re looking for the most economical way to ship your goods, port-to-port delivery may work best for you. However, this mode is preferred for experienced customers who can send to designated ports and terminals in the US. We will provide an empty container, pick-up, and delivery information along with a booking number.


Door-to-port (DTP) Delivery

The Door to Port is an efficient and price-friendly way to ship goods to an international destination. This may include picking up goods from a local location in Taiwan and transporting it to a designated port. A freight forwarder will inform you when your cargo arrives at the destination port. They will also help with customs clearance and related paperwork.


Port-to-Door (PTD) Delivery

This is a favorite option for US customers who purchase cargo from Taiwanese manufacturers. These manufacturers typically include the cost of shipping to the port in their merchandise invoice. This will help you do away with the hassles of inland transportation.


Door-to-door (DTD) Delivery

In this option, a freight forwarder picks goods from a warehouse and delivers it in your location. This option usually includes cargo trucking and some other additional charges.


Part 3. How many modes of transportation are available from Taiwan to USA?

  • Major PortsShipping ports in Taiwan

If you are wondering what port to use, your freight forwarder will always help you find the best route to apply when shipping from Taiwan to USA. This is based on transit time, ease of customs clearance, your current location, and other arrangements with your freight forwarder. But if you feel you want to choose a port on your own, there are several factors you’ll want to consider, including; shipping cost, your current location, and transit time. Know that your vendors’ location should not influence your decision in any way because no matter where your supplier is located, there is always a port near them. Your supplier may be near one of the ports listed below. These are some of the most established ports that have the capacity to ship your goods from Taiwan to USA.

Top Ports in Taiwan
1. An-Ping
2. Hualien
3. Kaohsiung
4. Keelung
5. Mailiao
6. Ma-Kung
7. Su-Ao
8. Taichung
9. Taipei


  • Here are some top ports for importing into the USA:

1. Louisiana
2. Port of Houston
3. Port of New York and New Jersey
4. Port Newark
5. Port of Beaumont
6. Port of Long Beach
7. Port of Hampton Roads
8. Port of New Orleans
9. Port of Corpus Christi
10. Port of Greater Baton Rouge
11. Port of Los Angele


Sea shipping from Taiwan to USA

If you’re looking to ship large volumes of goods from Taiwan to the USA, sea freight maybe your best option. This mode of transportation is particularly ideal for products that are not time-sensitive or perishable. Although it may take a little longer, sea freight is a viable alternative to door-to-door courier services and air freight.

  •  Shipment Type –LCL/FCL

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Goods that are shipped by LCL are those that are small in quantity and less than 15CBM. If your goods fall in this category, a freight forwarder will help you dispatch by the LCL option. This will enable you to ship a small consignment that does not qualify for the Full Container Load. In LCL, your cargo will be combined with other shipments that are headed for the same destination. When goods delivered by LCL arrive at destination ports, they will get delivered to you via truck or an express company depending on their flexibility and size. Freight costs in LCL are calculated using CBM (Cubic Meter).

Full Container Load (FCL)

In FCL options, goods are typically large enough to fit in at least one container. In this case, freight costs are calculated on an FCL basis. Shipment in the FCL option is sealed into the container by the supplier and transported to its destination untouched.

It is essential to know that there are three types of containers; 20 ft. (33 CBM), 40 ft. (66 CBM) and a 40 ft. (76CBM) size containers. The 20ft containers are specially made to transport more massive cargo such as metals, minerals, sugar, paper, cement, and so forth. On the other hand, 40ft containers are designed to carry bulky goods such as furniture, steel pipes, cotton, tobacco, and so forth.

In the FCL option, goods that arrive in a destination port cannot be delivered by truck owing to their enormous size.


  • Packaging

In sea transportation, it is not uncommon to have goods stacked in a container for more than a month. Consequently, you have to ensure your products are packed accordingly right from the factory to the loading warehouse and discharge warehouse at the port. Good packaging also prepares your goods for rough truck transportation. Evidently, your products have a long way to get to you, and they’ll need a befitting packaging to stand the time and stress.
An ideal packaging should include five layers of the inner carton, five layers of outer carton, plastic wrapping on the internal packaging, IPPC ISPM 15 Standard Pallets, and freight details printed to the outer packaging.

Common pallet size:

• US: 40*48inches (1016*1219mm).
• Europe: 1200*1000mm or 1200*800mm,
• Australia: For Australia – 1140*1140mm

Be sure to provide clear packaging specification to your shipper because if you don’t, your products may easily get damages. You can include graphical examples where possible.


  • How Long – Transit Time

Estimated Transit Time or simply ETT is the time difference between the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) from the origin and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at the destination port. Here is a compilation of various transit times to US ports for your reference

Taiwan Port USA Port Transit Time (days)
Sea freight shipping takes 24-28 days

Note that ETAs and ETDs often change with different situations and thus cannot be guaranteed by a shipper. Also, getting your cargo loaded at the destination port can take as much as 7 days.

Sea transportation can be frustratingly slow. As a result, you need to do your planning well ahead of time to ensure you create generous margins for unexpected delays. Also, Chinese manufacturers do not stock products but manufacture them on order.

For instance, if you need some goods for the Christmas season, you should plan ahead of time and place your order midway through the year. We’ll recommend placing an order at least three months in advance.


  •  Freight Cost Overview

Around 90% of trade happens under two terms: EXW (Ex-Works) and FOB (Free On Board). Your seller handles CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) and DAP (Delivered-at-place), and hence it will consume more money and time.
As a result, you’re better off choosing FOB or EXW for your goods to be handled by professionals with affordable rates and better shipping times. This will help you save on time and money

1. EXW only includes product cost. Therefore, you will have to arrange for your own shipping from your supplier to the port of shipment.EXW shipping cost= cost of sea freight from Taiwanese port to the US port including US customs clearance costs and local logistics costs

2. In EXW, you will not get help in shipping your goods. What you will need for the sea freight option is the FOB shipping cost, which includes; Local logistics cost in Taiwan + Taiwan export cost + cost for sea freight from the Taiwanese port to US port + US customs clearance cost + Inland logistics cost in the US.

3. . Other charges:
• Customs clearance and documentation;
• Insurance
• Local port charges (US);
• Delivery charge;
• Customs entry;
• Picking up fee
• Warehouse entry;


  • Track and Trace – Container Tracking

There are times when your shipment can arrive later than expected. This can be due to bad weather, congestion at the port, and routing change. Getting the most accurate ETA will help you plan better and notify all parties involved. To better track your shipment, you also have to know the shipping line that is transporting your freight, booking number, container number, and document number. All this information can easily be found on your bill of lading. The booking number B/L number is contained in the top right, and the container number is usually indicated in the “Marks and Numbers” section

Here is an example of how a container number looks like.
“U” stands for the general container. Other letters include:
R- refrigerated containers
J-detachable freight container-related equipment
Z-trailers and chassis
To give you an idea of how it works, here is an example.
Assuming MSC handled your shipment, you can track your delivery on their website:
All you have to do is to insert your container number, and you can begin tracking with ease.


Air Freight from Taiwan to the USA


  • 1. Air Products

Air transportation is ideal for small quantities of goods, say 300-500kg, but whose unit prices are high. In air transportation, shipping time is often represented by the amount of time consumed in booking a shipping space, flight time, and local delivery in the US.

This mode of transportation has a flexible delivery time and prices. Unlike sea freight, air freight option allows you to choose a non-stop or charter services with other airline routes. An experienced freight forwarder will plan your shipment according to three options:
a) Economic Air freight: 6-12 days’ delivery time, generally better prices, ideal for goods with low time requirements. This option does not ship dangerous, oversized, or temperature-controlled products.
b) Standard air freight: Has a delivery time of 3-6 days, reasonable prices and better turnaround times
c) Emergency air freight: With this option, goods can be delivered anywhere between 1 and 4 days. Suitable for time-sensitive goods.

  • 2. Air Freight Cost and Weight

In air freight, calculation of weight is done in kilograms. But sometimes, it’s not just about a large weight vs. a small one. Major airlines have a uniform standard where the overall cost is obtained by taking into account both the dimensional weight and the actual weight. The largest value is used to price your cargo. This method of calculating air shipping freight is similar to those used in express transportation. The only difference is that express transportation divides its volume by 5000, but for air transportation, the volume is divided by 6000.

Dimensional weight calculation of standard air transportation
Dimensional weight= Length (in cm) x Width (in cm) x Height (in cm)/6000
Here is an example of cargo to be transported with the standard mode of transportation:

Assuming you’re shipping one piece of a large 100cm x 100cm x 100cm shipment with a weight of 20kgs. What is dimensional weight?

Here’s how to get the dimensional weight: 100 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm/6000= 167 kgs.

What does this imply? Sometimes, the dimensional weight can be far more significant than the actual weight. This means that you will pay for 167 kgs.
If you are using express transportation, the calculation would be slightly different.

Assuming your package dimensions are 50*50*50 cm and its actual weight is 10 kgs, the dimensional weight will be calculated as: 50*50*50cm)/5000=25 kg. This means that you’ll actually pay for 25kgs and not 10kgs if you want to ship this package from Taiwan to the US.

International logistics companies base their final shipping prices on whichever value is more significant: dimensional or actual weight. For instance, international transporters like FedEx, USPS, or UPS use higher value when determining the freight cost.

But what can you do to ensure you don’t end up paying a lot? It is essential to package your goods skillfully to minimize the volume that will be consumed by products. Also, an experienced freight forwarder will offer solutions that will see you save both money and time.


  • 3. Air cargo tracking

AWB (air waybill or air consignment) is a track and trace service. This acts as a receipt and evidence of a carriage contract issued by an international airline. In short, it holds the title of goods and has a matchless number which can be found in the top section and can be used on an airlines’ track and trace page where most information about your shipment status will be updated periodically.

Hers is a sample AWB format:

Two-letter airline code- 123 (these three numbers are prefixed)- 12345678
You can track and trace your cargo at
Some carriers have an email alert, which will let you know when your goods have been dispatched.


Express Shipping from Taiwan to USA

1. The advantages of express shipping

Compared to air freight, express shipping is the easiest and fastest mode of transportation between Taiwan and the USA. When using express shipping, you will not have to worry about duty payments and custom clearance. This option also gives you the ability to track and trace your shipment and plan accordingly. Therefore, with an excellent express shipping company, all you need to do is to wait for your goods at your door.

2. Express Service Process
Individual freight forwarders have their own set of operating procedures. To get a feel of what they are, here are some of my company’s methods that I believe may inspire you:

1. Fill a quote and submit it along with your shipping information
2. Get our response within 12hrs
3. If you feel our terms may not work for you, we will engage in a discussion and hopefully come to an agreement
4. We can only book space with a carrier after we have contacted your supplier to ensure everything is as expected.
5. As for the inland delivery to our warehouse, you’ll not have to worry. Either your supplier or our relevant department will work on it
6. We will communicate the chargeable weight you’ll pay
7. You’ll cover these costs
8. Your shipment will then be delivered to a courier
9. Then you can wait for the last mile delivery

It is essential to know that we will be responsible for tracking your goods so you can understand where they are and when to receive them. Overall, our services will help you cut down on costs, minimize delays, and enhance your performance.

3. Which products are suitable for express shipping?

In express shipping, all courier companies use air freight to transport goods for flexible delivery time and cost. There are dozens of courier companies that regulate express shippers like FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

Express shipping means that shipments are needed to be delivered quickly with higher prices and rates relative to other shipping modes. It is also essential to know that the cost of transportation may increase substantially during holidays or drop in the off-seasons. If you are looking to save money when shipping from Taiwan to USA, it is vital to seek the services of a freight forwarder who can identify an express shipping company with reasonable freight prices. Freight forwarders can also access a deposit that you don’t usually find on a shipper’s website

Generally, express delivery has several advantages. The unit price may be a little higher than other forms of transportation, but it may be a better alternative owing to your product needs.

If you’re importing something as small as a sample, or a letter, do not hesitate to use the express shipping service. This option will ensure your package arrives fast and easy.

A freight forwarder will help you identify the best option to use when shipping from Taiwan to the US while saving you money and time for goods not exceeding 500kgs.

4. 6 Tips from Practical Experiences

The best way to ensure safety of your goods, documents or parcels moving across the world is by choosing a reliable courier company.

Owing to the difference in destination distance and volume of data being transported, setting up rules and regulations to govern the movement of these goods is somewhat tricky.

The first thing to do is to find an experienced freight forwarding officer who will help provide you solutions for shipping from Taiwan to the USA. The job can be done exceptionally by us. Compared to the collection service mode of payment, the prepaid service is cheaper.

If you want to save money on the VIP carrier section, the prepaid service is the best option for you.
1) DHL vs. UPS – The best option for various weights
• 5.5 kgs and below – DHL
• 6 to 21 kgs – UPS
• 21 kgs to 100kgs – DHL
• Over 100kgs – UPS

2) The most reliable freight forwarder when shipping from Taiwan to the USA is FedEx (both large and small equipment).

3) Large businesses enterprises prefer a single carrier because of discount possibilities. Small businesses, on the other hand, prefer two or more carrier companies to maximize their cost.

4) The length of the packaging should not exceed 330 cm, and the formulae used are length + width*2 + height*2. To get the best price for your shipment, ensure that the total weight per package is less than 70 kgs.


How We Ensure the Shipment is Delivered in Time

Even though the delivery is date is always fixed, it is normal for the shipment to delay by a day or two. No freight forwarder can deliver goods faster than others.
What to do to avoid delays for your shipments
a. Ensure that all the information is correct. For instance, the declared customs value should match the bill of lading and the commercial invoice.
b. Prepare your orders following the FOB terms and follow up with your supplier to ensure they formulate all the documents in time.
c. Avoid a situation where you contact your supplier when the goods are ready for shipping. Your forwarder should contact them a few days before the shipment.
d. Purchase a custom bond at least a month before the shipment arrives in the US port.
e. Request your supplier to use high-quality packaging materials to avoid repackaging of the goods before shipment.
f. Always pay your balance and the freight cost on time if you want your shipping documents completed in time.
If you are running late, you might consider splitting your shipment into two. For instance, 20% of the total delivery can be done by air and the rest by sea. Through that, you can stock not more than a week after the production is completed. To keep the goods safe, ensure the packaging is on point, and is reinforced with cartons.


Part 4: Customs Clearance USA

Once your shipment enters the US airport or port, they undergo a mandatory inspection and clearance process. While the process may sound easy, it requires abundant experience and preparation. There are three essential things you must understand during this process; inspection process, document checklist, and HS Codes and taxes.

Documents Preparation

The first thing to do is get authorization to perform international trade from the US government. You will be required to produce the following documents.
• Arrival notice
• Bill of landing
• Commercial invoice
• Certificate of origin
• Packing List
• Proof of import from the customs officials
• MSDS document if your shipment is hazardous
• Import license for certain goods
• Customs Bond
• Commodity Specific Documentation


HS Codes and Taxes

HS Codes – This is a 10-digit product description code. As an importer, you should know the HS Code of your imported goods. Before your goods hit the road, inquire about the number from your supplier to avoid confusion.
Taxes – After confirming the HS code, check the good’s tariff on for free. The coordination system is an encyclopedia containing product descriptions of various products.


Import Duties Payable in the US

Most of the goods entering the US must go through the custom duties and must be subjected to 3% duty for goods above $1000. The US has various rules and regulations and sometimes complicated duty rates.

Self Assed clearance – If your goods are valued less than $1000, you will be required to a SAC declaration form for you to be cleared by the border protection and the US customs. Your freight forwarder will then make the Self-Accessed clearance on your behalf.

Goods of value exceeding $1000 – Whether your products are imported by sea, air or post, if the cost exceeds $1000, you will have to fill an order for declaration form ((form B650). Besides that, you will also need to pay GTS where other charges and taxes may apply.

Who is eligible to make an import declaration?
An import declaration is a statement that is made by the owner of imported goods. The custom laws define the owner of the imported goods someone with the beneficial interest of the products, someone who believes to be the owner of the imported goods or someone who has control of the imported goods. In this case, the freight forwarder or the customs broker.
Who is allowed to act on your behalf?
The customer broker or freight forwarder is allowed by the US customs to act on your behalf. They work under a given service fee.

Duty Tariff Concessions for Importers
The local industry has the support of the customs through a range of programs, one of those being the Tariff Concession System, which may affect local manufacturers and the US importers.

How the Tariff Concession System Work
This is a mechanism for granting a Tariff Concession Order for the imported goods if there were no substantial goods produced in the US by the time the TCO lounged. Substitutable products are goods produced in the US and can serve the same purpose as imported goods.

How to apply for a TCO

For you to apply for a TCO, you must fill all the information required on the form. Failing to supply this information in time will result in delays and, in the worst-case scenario, rejection. The way is available in customs offices.

How long the TCO application takes

The customs will analyze the application, and if accepted, it is published on The US Tarif Concession Gazette within 28 days upon request. After publication, the traditions are required to have made a decision on every good listed within 150 days. After the final decision, late replies will not be tolerated; therefore, you need to provide all the information in time.


The Customs Inspection

Regular examination is done to ensure the information given to the Customs and Border Protection is right and also to;
• Detect harmful and prohibited goods
• Protect the legitimate industry from unscrupulous importers or exporters
• To detect smuggled goods entering or moving out of the country
• To enhance the security of sea cargo trade


Part 5: E-Commerce Logistics

Shipping to Amazon USA

The continued rise of the e-commerce business has seen the increase of goods shipping from Taiwan to the USA. However, the process is not simple; every link has a direct relation with the profits of your Amazon business.
You can ask your supplier to ship your goods directly to your Amazon address which is way convenient and straightforward. However, you will first have to contact your Taiwan freight forwarder to transport your goods on your behalf. Such a process will cost you a high fee, and the response is quite low.
Here are things you should have in mind when choosing a freight forwarder and the type of requirements you will ask of them.


Picking Up Or Consolidate Your Goods

Your freight forwarder should contact your supplier on your behalf and pick up the rights to their warehouse to make the process as easy as possible. When the products are not listed for the same address, they will consolidate them before sending them to you in a unified package. This will save you time and energy.

Product Inspection
If your business is on Amazon, you are required to keep a reputation of free from damaged products. For instance, if your shipment is from Taiwan to the USA, you need a cargo agent in Taiwan to do the last inspection. Some of the things to look at during this inspection are the outer box, product photos, quality, and other specifics depending on the products. You must keep clear communication with your freight forwarder to ensure the products delivered to the Amazon center arrive safely and on time.

Amazon Preparation Services
If you are a new Amazon seller, then you need to rely on the freight forwarder to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Amazon has many rules to protect their reputation. Cargo agents have extensive experience, which will help you in ensuring Amazon products meet the requirements. Ensure that preparation such as poly bagging, labeling, packaging, bubble wrap, and so on are done. Doing all these on a Taiwan warehouse will save you time and money.

Choosing A Shipping Method
Your most suitable choice of transport will depend on weight, delivery time, and size. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation as soon as you visit Amazon in the USA. Let the freight forwarder make a choice for you which will save you money and time.
Even though the process of customs clearance may sound complicated, as an Amazon seller, you should focus on improving your Amazon business. The best choice for you is to hand over these burdens to a reliable freight forwarder.


The number of goods moving from Asia to other parts of the world has increased over time majorly because of the price. Products from Asia are cheaper compared to those from Europe.

Taiwan, in this case, is one of the largest exporting countries in Asia. Many foreign investors and new businesses are interested in dropshipping from Taiwan. Through the drop shipping business module, sellers reduce their cost hence increasing their profits. In the recent past, many entrepreneurs have made a choice of working with drop shipping websites in Taiwan.

For e-commerce sellers such as inventory and Shopify order management may consume most of your time, not forgetting the drop shipping service. Save all these hustles by working with an experienced freight forwarder.
It is good to store the goods on your agent warehouse since they have a system that will interface with your eCommerce platform. Once the order is generated, the agent will help ship the goods to your clients. To speed up the whole process include the logistics and customs clearance.


Part 6: Warehousing Services

If you are shipping from Taiwan to USA, you may require a warehouse. Here are some of the reasons why a warehouse service is good for you.

Why You Need Warehouse Services

1. It provides a central location space
Notwithstanding the reasons for storing your goods in a warehouse, whether short or long term, storing your products in a warehouse is an excellent choice for you. Upon arrival at the final destination, the warehouse service providers will handle all transfers. They will then sort the goods before dispatching a temporary address on them. Once the shipping time comes, the products will be retrieved, grouped, and checked before they are sent to various destinations.

2. One-Piece Delivery
If you are an e-commerce business owner, storing your goods in a warehouse is a good choice for you. Once the shipment order is generated, the warehouse will ship the goods to the client based on customer information.

3. Consolidating Your Goods
If your ship suppliers are based in various parts of Taiwan, then you can integrate your goods in one warehouse. Once all the products arrive in the warehouse, they are shipped once. Doing that will cut your cost and save time.

4. Amazon Preparation And Other Services
Upon transporting your goods to a warehouse, a necessary outer inspection is done where the products will undergo an examination, labeling, and picking. Other amazon customized services will also be performed in the warehouse.


Should You Choose A Taiwan Or A US Warehouse?

Most freight forwarders shipping from China(Taiwan) to the USA have warehouses in both Taiwan and the USA. If you are looking at the cheaper option between the two countries, storing the goods in a Taiwan warehouse is low.

Furthermore, storing the goods in a Taiwan warehouse will help you understand the situation of your goods early enough. Freight forwarders will advise you adequately on what best to do; therefore, you should not worry.


Part 7: Is Cargo Insurance A Necessity?

Cargo insurance covers the loss of damaged goods during shipment, notwithstanding the mode of transportation. Accidents that can cause a loss or damage are a common occurrence when transporting goods. Even with the best care from freight forwarders, shipping lines or truck drivers’ accidents cannot be eliminated.

1. What is cargo insurance?

The insurance compensates both the buyer and the seller in case of a loss or damage of cargo.


2. When do you need cargo insurance?

Moving cargo from one country to another takes a long time. The goods go through many hands from loading, unloading, inspections by customs, and from one warehouse clerk to another.
All these steps are necessary so that the goods reach you in the required conditions. These many checkpoints increase the chances of your products getting destroyed.
The way to have peace of mind when your goods are on transit is getting cargo insurance. This will save you time that would have been spent in sourcing replacements in case of damages.


3. What Does Cargo Insurance Cover?

Cargo insurance cover damages caused by natural disasters and handling during loading or unloading. Other damages covered by this insurance are piracy and other related risks.
Federal laws compel trucking companies to have carrier liability insurance. However, on many occasions, the minimum requirements may not provide enough cover for your shipment.
Additional cargo insurance is proper since it covers external causes as well as losses or damages caused during shipment. Some of the reasons why you need cargo insurance include;
• Custom rejection
• Vehicle accidents
• Acts of war
• Natural disaster
• Cargo abandonment
• Piracy


4. What Does Cargo Insurance Not Cover?

Just like any other insurance cover, freight and cargo insurance have policies and exceptions. The cover does not compensate for specific perils caused during transportation.

Cargo insurance policy excludes;
• Damages caused by inadequate packing – For instance, if water spills into the cargo and corrodes your goods, you will not get any compensation.
• Damages by faulty goods – If there is adequate proof to show some of your products had flaws that caused the damages, you will be responsible for such costs.
• Specific modes of transportation – Here, it depends on the freight insurance. Some exclude trucking, other cargo ships, and other airplanes.
• Certain types of goods – Some insurance companies will exclude certain products on their policy.
There is no standard inclusion or exclusion for insurance companies across the world. Therefore, various insurance policies vary across the globe.
Before choosing cargo insurance, take your time to understand all the inclusions. Do not hesitate to ask them questions.



Part 8: Tips To Save Money And Time

By now, you should understand how to choose the most appropriate mode of transportation for your shipment. Since you are in business and profit is critical, the cost of freight is an essential factor to consider. Choose the right mode of transport, understand the movement of your shipment, and optimize the visibility as possible. Other factors to consider when looking to cut the cost of operation, transport cost comes top.


1. Do Not Leave Large Shipment With The Supplier

Unless you have no other choice, do not leave large shipments with the supplier. Many sellers make this mistake thinking that this is the simplest and the fastest way of dealing with your goods.

Go for an independent carrier to make sure you have full control of your goods. However, ensure that you plan ahead of time to avoid a situation where you miss a seat with the shipping companies, especially during the peak season.


2. Plan Ahead To Avoid Rush Hours

When it comes to international transport, planning is crucial since the delivery time will determine the mode of transportation. Also, it is essential to understand the holiday season in Taiwan since transporting your goods during the off-peak season will be way cheaper. During the holidays, shipping prices rise sharply due to the shortage in the factory and road staff.

Generally, you should expect the transport cost to rise during these periods;
• The New Year- Most transit companies in Taiwan shut down, causing prices to rise rapidly.
• Holiday shopping season – prices rise steadily as from October to December.
• You will expect competitive prices after the New Year, especially from March to April.


3. Find A Reliable Logistics Partner To Work With

Finding a reliable partner to work with in business is one of the hardest things. The logistics partner should find the best prices from freight companies.

Inquire from them how many contracts they have with ocean carriers. The more the number of carriers they have, the better your chances of finding the most cost-effective transport. Also, they will provide you an opportunity to choose from different options.


4. Make Sure You Consolidate Your Cargo

If your goods are from different suppliers, combine them to make your work easier. A good logistics company will provide a consolidation process in any port of origin, where products from different suppliers will be stored and delivered together.

5. Find A Hybrid Transportation Solution

In a situation where the air is too expensive, and while sea fright cannot deliver the goods in time, the freight forwarder can provide a hybrid transportation system. This is a process where several transportation modes are combined for efficiency.

The goods are transported with more than two different modes but under a single contract. Even though the carrier is responsible for the entire shipment, he does not have to own various means of transport. Multimodal transportation comes with individual additional costs, such as handling. However, it also has certain advantages, some of them being centralization of responsibility, economies of scale that comes with transportation cost, international experience in the field of bureaucracy, and commerce. Other benefits include better infrastructure, excellent and efficient means of transport, reduction of indirect losses.

Experienced freight forwarders will ensure that you achieve the best during communication. The hybrid approach delivers products within the specified timeframe as well as retain the budget for the shipment delivery.
International transport could either be the complex mode of transportation or a simple way of moving the goods from one point to another. To guarantee your goods arrive at their destination in time and in a cost-effective way, choosing the right mode of transport is crucial. Before making the decision, explore various options with the help of your freight forwarder to ensure you transport your goods at the lowest price possible. We recommend you pick a reliable freight forwarder for shipping from Taiwan to USA.


6. Consider Your Packaging

Most companies prefer their suppliers to handle the packaging of their products. However, it is good to get involved by inquiring and suggesting to the suppliers’ ways of improving the packaging. If you are shipping via the sea, weight doesn’t matter, the surface area does.


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