Are you an experienced shipper or a first-time importer? Whatever the level of shipping experience you have, this article will be beneficial to you. It not only helps you to identify the most reliable freight forwarders for shipping from China to Canada but also gives a deep insight into the global shipping process and essential links.

For a better layout of information, this article features the following parts;

Part1. Frequent freight issues:

If you are accustomed to shipping from China to Canada, you have most definitely had a series of transactions and communication with your preferred shipping company. How can you rate the experience? Have you encountered issues? Below are frequent issues often registered by customers

  • Delayed shipments

1. Late deliveries from product suppliers
2. Delays at the custom clearance/ Canada customs inspection/ documentation problem
3. Delays in transit by carries
4. Any other issues, such as poor coordination of the process by your freight forwarder?


  • Overly high or unreasonable price

1. High costs during Chinese holidays/ high seasons
2. Freight forwarder does not have a long-term contract with carriers.
3. Freight forwarder got higher profits from shipments


  • Misplaced/ lost cargo

1. Fewer products than ordered from suppliers
2. Complete misplacement during transit
3. Goods lost in the warehouse


  • Poor customer support services

1. Freight forwarders who do not put customer interest above their interests
2. Relatively new forwarders with less experience handling customers


  • Delayed update of cargo status

1. Customer support staff did not obtain information proactively
2. A freight forwarder you choose does not have a dependable software system support



Part2. China Freight Solutions

For several years now, China Freight has maintained a steady focus on providing customer-tailored shipping solutions and international freight forwarding services for state agencies, big and small businesses, families as well as private parties. With our dedicated shipping experts and a professional, customer-centric support team, China Freight guarantees that your cargo will be delivered to its destination without any delay or added costs.


  • 1. How we fix cargo delays

Due to our impeccable record and experience spanning over ten years, we are fully acquainted with factors that cause a delay. Therefore, we have developed strategies to curb these factors in advance. For instance, our staff will actively engage your suppliers on matters dealing with goods dispatch time and, thereafter, coordinate the entire shipping duration with regards to the chosen routes.

Our logistics experts have the experience it takes to handle all the documentation and regulation in China and Canada. This ensures that your cargo gets cleared on time. Worth noting is that we have partnered with carriers and airlines who are industry leaders in their own right. Consequently, we can guarantee the quickest turnaround times.


  • 2. Solution for high and unreasonable

As aforementioned, our partner carriers and airlines were carefully vetted for experience and expertise. Upon selection, we established long-term and large-scale transportation contracts through which we secured the most competitive rates in the industry. It is important to mention that we are not focused on short-term high profits as freight forwarders from China to the Canada  do.

Our strategy drives us to perform above average and gain customer recognition in our quest to become an industry benchmark. Through continuous growth, we seek to attain unmatched professionalism and convenience.


  • 3. Solutions for Lost Goods

There are several reasons responsible or the loss of shipments. When the supplier does not dispatch goods, they’ll ultimately not get shipped. Products can also get misplaced during transit and in storage. As a result, we have devised ways of managing our client’s goods throughout the entire process. We have a strict inventory policy where the details of every package and box entering or leaving the warehouse are recorded. Upon customer request, we are also able to verify the quality and quantity of goods. This, coupled with the monitoring systems installed in our warehouses, you can be sure that your products won’t be lost or damages. Besides, we provide cargo insurance as added protection.


  • 4. Solutions for poor customer support service

We highly value customer support, which is why we have designated customer support as one of our core values. To ensure that all our customers get the best experience when shipping from China to Canada, all our support staff goes through rigorous training, and they’re taught how to put customer interests first and how to solve customer problems effectively and promptly for a seamless and efficient shipping process.

Also, we make random visits to our clients to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. We will continue to act on the suggestions given by our clients so as to enhance our customer support services. Besides, we have a complaint mailbox which can be used to channel complaints to the general manager whenever a customer is not satisfied with our services. A satisfactory response will then be served.


  • 5. Solution for delayed shipping status information

Without a doubt, international shipping is a complex and lengthy process. As a result, customers are supposed to be continuously updated on the status of their shipment for easy planning.

Over a period of one year, China Freight has independently developed goods tracking software that can be used remotely by customers shipping from China to Canada to inquire about the location and status of their shipment. This way, customers can access all the shipping information needed on time. Wherever the assistance of our customer support team is required, we have a dedicated team whose help is a call away.



China Freight is a renowned freight forwarder with several years of experience in the sea, air, and road shipping. We also boast substantial experience in warehousing and customer declaration. China Freight is committed to observing customer-centric principles of efficiency, flexibility, and precision. Through this, we hope to solidify our trust with our customers and become their preferred shipping partner.

As a highly reputed freight forwarder, we are confident and proud of our achievements. We seek to continue offering world-class services to all our customers. If you need any help with shipping, do not hesitate to let us know.


I choose China Freight for my international logistics needs because they offer excellent service and competitive pricing.

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