If you have been selling on the amazon online marketplace and using the Amazon FBA, the chances are that you have seen the term ‘freight forwarders.’ Most lucrative businesses operating on the Amazon marketplace have an import/ export element. An import and export business presents enormous opportunities, no doubt. However, the processes involved in global logistics such as paperwork and documentation, regulations, customs clearance, etc., can be quite intimidating to traders. If you’re a small business yearning to expand internationally, you’ll need a more significant investment in logistics. You have to get the requisite technology, the right skill sets, along with the necessary equipment. The investment that goes into building or expanding a logistics team can be quite undesirable, as the costs can become extremely high.

The good thing is that you can still be a productive international shipper without breaking the bank or getting stuck in logistical nightmares. And if your supplier is based in China, then you’re even luckier as you would easily find a reliable freight forwarder from China for Amazon FBA stores, just what you want to know about how to ship from China to Amazon fba?

Amazon FBA (fulfillment by amazon) is a service through which Amazon provides storage of cargo in their distribution centers for shipping to customers upon purchase. For instance, a freight forwarder from China for Amazon FBA shipping will typically deliver your package to any Amazon store for shipment to Amazon buyers. Qualified e-commerce traders using Amazon FBA are part of Amazon’s Prime program, which gives customers free two-day shipping.

Wondering how to get your products to Amazon?

Although Amazon can handle the back-end logistics of storage and shipping products to customers, they’ll not source for goods from your suppliers. This means you’ll have to find a way to ship your products to them. Most traders who began export/ import businesses started by using established parcel shipping companies. However, when you start selling more parcel shipping, companies often become overly costly, thus limiting your ability to grow. At this point, you’ll need a freight forwarder who can handle bigger shipments are a reduced cost. Several freight forwarders from China for Amazon FBA shipping are available to help you cut cost and scale up.

Freight forwarder explained

A freight forwarder is a company or individual that specializes in organizing shipments for organizations or corporations and getting the goods shipped from suppliers or manufacturers to the final distribution centers. This can be a customer’s market or destination. A freight forwarder from China for Amazon FBA, for instance, will get your shipment picked from suppliers in China and ship it to a selected Amazon store.

Why Choose

So, in easy terms, a freight forwarder usually specializes in organizing, storing, and shipping merchandise on behalf of their customers. Their services include:

  •  Preparing international shipping documents
  • Booking storage spaces
  • Cargo insurance
  • Tracking inland transportation
  • Freight consolidation
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo insurance
  • Negotiating freight charges

Usually, freight forwarders from China for Amazon FBA ship under their own air waybills or lading bills. Once the shipment reaches their destination, their agents and associates provide freight collection, deconsolidation as well as document delivery service. Consequently, using a freight forwarder for exporting or exporting goods can save you a lot of money while making the whole process less stressful.


  • What Does a Freight Forwarder Do?

A freight forwarder is basically an intermediary between a shipper and the distribution point. It is important to note that a freight forwarder does not move the goods themselves, but engage in organizing transportation services such as;
• Sea shipping
• Airfreight
• Road transport

Due to a deep understanding of crucial transportation links, freight forwarders from China for Amazon FBA shipping have an established relationship with international shipping companies- from tacking companies to ocean liners and popular airlines. Freight forwarders work around different bids and choose an ideal path that is cost-effective, reliable, and fast. In short, freight forwarders handle a lot of logistical issues to get goods from one part of the world to the other.

Nowadays, many companies use the services of freight forwarders so as to adhere to export documentation and shipping requirements. Freight forwarders can also provide valuable shipping advice to their customers on what to do to get the best rates. Their vast knowledge in documentation, international regulations, transportation costs, and banking practices provides excellent relief for shippers looking to ship goods from one intercontinental point to another.


  • Why You Need to Invest in a Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders have been shown to maximize the earning of import and export businesses by serving on the front-end supply chain as the company’s extension. Through a reliable freight forwarder, you can save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent in coordinating shipments and comparing freighters’ costs. As Amazon streamlines its last-mile delivery service, you can also get a reliable freight forwarder to do the same on the front-end shipping.


  • What to consider when choosing a Freight Forwarder

If you want to make things easy on your part, you will have to examine a freight forwarder for efficiency and reliability before utilizing their services. Here is some consideration to make;


  • Are they experienced with Amazon FBA?

Amazon is the world’s leading online retailer. As a result, they have precise requirements when it comes to storing, packaging, and labeling products. Traders often think that packaging and labeling are what they can do by themselves. However, the process can be time-consuming and very error-prone. If mistakes happen, your shipment may be rejected and get shipped back at your cost.

Working with an experienced freight forwarder, therefore, can be a vital catalyst for success. Freight forwarders have amazon requirements with them right from the start point to the end- meaning they’ll have a high chance of meeting Amazon’s strict requirements.


  • Are they responsive?

A responsive freight forwarder should act as your company’s global logistics department. As a result, they need to handle your needs with priority by setting standard operating procedures that conform with your business goals. Excellent and effective communication is not an option when it comes to choosing a freight forwarder. They should be prompt in getting you informed on any changes in Amazon FBA’s policies and provide valuable ideas on how to adapt your supply chain processes.


  • Can they help you scale up?

There’s an exponential potential for growth in e-commerce business. As a result, you need a freight forwarder that can scale up with you. A freight forwarder that can help you grow should have an extensive network of partners throughout the world and have access to multiple shipping lanes. Such forwarders can help you meet your growth demands, and will be capable of handling the supply chain efficiently as you grow.



Shipping to the Amazon FBA and selling online may seem quite daunting to many shippers, but with practice and dedication, you’ll quickly get acquainted along the way. All you need is trustworthy business partners, the right expertise, and a strong desire to grow.




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