No matter your shipping challenge, we have a solution for you.

We partner with premium carriers around the world to offer the most competitive rates and secure space for all your sea shipping needs, no matter is FCL or LCL.

We are leaders in the air freight industry, providing innovative solutions to our global clientele. No matter where you are, we’ll deliver promptly.

We provide fast and easy customs clearance services. We clear your goods, file customs documents, and pay duties and tariffs in one seamless transaction.

For a competitive premium, China Freight will protect your freight against any unforeseen loss or damage from any external cause while in transit.

We will store your goods on a short or long term basis until they are needed. We handle fulfillment, Amazon FBA prep, and even have pick and pack services.

We collaborate with DHL, UPS and FEDEX to provide express services for both parcel and package , along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs.

Solutions for E-Commerce

We understand how difficult managing an e-commerce business can be. We are invested in fully understanding the specific nature of your business to accurately meet your needs.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Our professional team will manage the entire process for shipment and ensure the product is received by FBA in an affordable, efficient and seamless manner. We aim to make the process easier for shipping to FBA.

E-commerce Fulfillment

We can take care of the receipt, processing and shipping when your customers order from you online. Our completely flexible order fulfillment services help to reduce your costs, increase sales and offer a top customer experience.

Why China Freight

Why Choose

As experienced experts in the international logistics industry, we incorporate your needs, requirements, budget, and goals into determining the best shipping service route and transshipment point. Let our team and extensive knowledge of cargo shipping help guide you to make the best choice possible.

Why Choose

Proactive communication and advice

Whether it’s a complex cargo move, problems about customs clearance and tariffs, or solutions for e-commerce seller, our experts are here to help provide the advice and support you need to achieve success.

We know your business

Our experts are invested in learning your business or industry. We will consult with you to determine your needs and goals in order to develop a plan that will help you meet your specific requirements, completely and accurately.

No unexpected costs

Shipping problems and delays lead to unexpected costs. As an integrated customs broker and freight forwarder with ultra-efficient communications systems, we will help you avoid delays and the associated cost.

We’ll keep you up to date

We understand that our customers want an expert who is responsive and offers an accessible service and that’s exactly what we offer! When you rely on us, you will always have easy access to your shipment tracking data.

We work with that best, most reputable carriers in the business

We do it all. So you don’t have to

No matter your industry or business size. China Freight can help. We have teams of experts dedicated to our customers like you.